We have a new friend in our Home & Living category, and I assure you it'll be your best friend because it is soft as it is fluffy! Introducing to you, our very own dUCk towels – made out of 100% cotton; it easily soaks up water but still remains plush and soft... just the way I like it!
Featuring the dUCk silhouette, the dUCk towels look mighty luxurious and will easily spruce up your bathroom in no time! The dUCk towels come in sets of 3, each consisting a face towel, a hand towel, and also a bath towel. The whole shebang, to keep you dry. Not all dUCks like water!
Face Towel : 12" x 12"
Hand Towel : 15" x 30"
Bath Towel : 30" x 60"
  • Feature : dUCk silhouette
  • Material : 100% cotton
  • Grammage : 600gsm