The Yummy dUCk

Every week, I would see Makcik Leha; she was a 70-year old lady who operated a roadside stall selling the delicacies that we know as kuih-muih Malaysia. An array of colours and shapes decorated her stall - all of them were our deliciously decadent Malaysian desserts. Once, a Caucasian man came and asked what they were, and I overheard her answer with a smile, "This is Malaysia."

But recently, I received news that Makcik Leha had passed away, and her stall never appeared again. I never realised how much I appreciated her until I could not buy from her stall anymore. I never realised how important she was in my life until that roadside spot was empty. She was my go-to for a quick dessert fix, she was our familiar neighbourhood face and without realising, she waved the Malaysia flag every single week.

Making our kuih-muih is not as easy as it looks (believe me, I've tried!) – our delicacies are our ancestors’ legacy and Malaysia’s precious treasures. People like Makcik Leha probably have no idea how much of an asset they are to the country. We have lost an absolute gem who reminded us every day what Malaysia is known for – so I needed to make this dUCk a tribute to her as much as it is to Malaysia. In fact, it's dUCk's tribute to all artisans out there selling Malaysian food! Without them, Malaysia would taste so bland.

Happy Malaysia Day, dUCkies. Today we appreciate all the things and people we take for granted, like Makcik Leha. May all the art and skills of our true Malaysians live on and keep soaring. – D.

The KL dUCk Merdeka Edition

Home, sweet home; I am so blessed and lucky to be able to call Kuala Lumpur my home and my heart swells with pride every time I share stories of home with my non-Malaysian friends. I grew up here, and although I love travelling the world, I simply cannot imagine living anywhere else – Kuala Lumpur will always be home, and hence it made perfect sense that it be featured as the first city in our dUCk In The City Collection.

To commemorate our 60th Independence Day, I wanted to celebrate it by paying tribute to our Malaysian flag. The Kuala Lumpur Merdeka 2017 edition features the very same beautiful KL skyline in colours inspired by our Malaysian flag to remind us of all the beautiful qualities of this country and the songs we used to sing back in school!

Recently Hannah, Carey and I decided to indulge in a fun tour around the city and we had the absolute best time ever! We also had fun chatting with tourists and it was really eye-opening to learn about our own city and country from a tourist’s point of view. I am so honoured to have been able to bring our beautiful city to so many parts of the world through our dUCkies, and now, we are going to bring Malaysia as well through this limited Merdeka Edition. I’ve never been prouder to wear the KL Scarf. Yes, say it loud my fellow Malaysians; I’m proud to be Malaysian! – D.