The Singapore dUCk

Months have passed since I last set foot out of this country, and this has been the longest since any of us could travel. As much as I've longed to go on a new journey, there’s nowhere I miss as much as Singapore, my second home.

Beyond the warmth of the people, the iconic skyline, and the charm of the city, there’s no end to the discoveries each time I'm there; so in this updated version of The Singapore dUCk, I've featured my favourite places, including Marina Bay, Haji Lane, and view of the Merlion Park as I sip my afternoon tea during my stays. For that final touch, I added orchids to reflect the beauty of the Singapore I fell in love with – a place that feels so familiar, yet remains special in my heart.

May you hear the promise of your destination from this dUCk scarf and never lose sight of what the world can bring to your #ducktravels. Can’t wait for the time to come when we can learn and explore once more!