If there's one secret to make-up... it's blending! Get seamless and airbrushed finish in a snap with dUCk's The Purple Sponge. Latex-free, it’s ergonomically shaped to blend products perfectly for that seamless contour. The tapered tip allows for precise narrow application while the round bottom is made for larger areas. Less is more with The Purple Sponge – watch it expand when it’s dampened, preventing excess absorption of product, and leaving you with creaseless, non-cakey results as you apply in bouncing, dabbing motions. Be it your liquid foundation or loose powder, The Purple Sponge is a make-up sponge that packs a punch!
How To Use: Use the tapered tip for precise narrow application and the round bottom for bigger areas. Apply in bouncing motions. Recommended to dampen it before use with cream products.