The Phrase Collection

Seems like ages ago, when I was just a young girl from the suburbs making my way into the big city – and I’m not going to lie. It. Was. Terrifying. Although it was always my goal and dream, reality threw a painful punch and I realised that moving away from my family, my home, was so much tougher than I thought it would be.

I wanted to go home the moment I got into the empty apartment, but I pushed on, telling myself “You Got This, girl”, silently motivating myself, instead of giving in to my yearning to reach out to Mom. In days and months to come, there were many challenges and difficulties, and each time, I found myself repeating those very words, and it began to work like a charm. The more I said “You Got This”, the more confident I felt. And you know what? I still do it today.

I want The Phrase Collection to take scarves to new heights, as more than mere garments, but empowering pieces. So for the first Phrase dUCk, I chose “YOU GOT THIS”. Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear dUCk scarves instead.

So when you think that there are too many obstacles in your path, always remember, you are the heroine of your story. You can slay those dragons. You Got This, girlfriend!



You Got This

The dUCk dUCk