The Merdeka dUCk

Truth be told, I was cracking my head trying to think of the perfect dUCk in conjunction with our Independence Day. I mean, it’s a really big deal - HUGE! A dUCk to celebrate our beloved country and I wanted it to have elements of our heritage, history and most importantly, elements of unity among us.

True when they say inspiration can come from things right in front of you. Mine came as I was spring cleaning my wardrobe, and I found it - Tok Ma’s kain batik. When she passed away, we gave her clothes away, but we each kept one to remember her by. I chose this kain batik, and now years later it’s bringing me more significance than I realize.

A simple kain batik holds so much value - the beauty of the art of batik, something so synonymous to our Malaysia. But even more so, I now see how it unites “then” and “now”, how it brings people together, the old and young. Most of us don’t wear it often, but we keep it as a family heirloom, as something we will never throw away, something to remember them by. I found this so intriguing - what a simple kain baik can represent for each of us.

Inspired, I went on to learn a bit more about batik and how each is unique in its design but yet has its own distinct batik look. A little bit like us Malaysians too, dUCkies - unique to our personalities and looks, but distinctly Malaysian. In this dUCk, I took elements of the vintage batik, sandwiching the beautiful map of Malaysia and of course staying true to dUCk’s quirkiness, my favourite dUCk loops traveling the country representing us dUCkies.

Happy Merdeka, dUCkies, and don’t forget to take this dUCk on a fun Malaysian adventure!