The Merdeka dUCk

One day, in a reminiscing mood, I absent-mindedly scrolled through the messages on my phone and saw a picture of Dad’s beloved garden. Clearly the green thumb isn’t genetic, I can’t even keep a cactus alive.

The picture brought me back to moments with Dad, when I would accompany him while he gardened, and he had a story for each plant. He thought the Bird of Paradise plant resembled actual birds, he’d terrify me with ghost stories associated with the Frangipani (much to Mom’s annoyance), but my favourite memory of all was when he plucked a vibrant red Hibiscus and tucked it behind my ear, telling me it’s our national flower, and that its petals represent our Rukun Negara. Ever the history buff, he showed me the iconic black and white video footage of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s triumphant “Merdeka!” shouts. I watched in awe, wondering what it must’ve been like to bear witness to such a historical moment, and live in those times.

So to celebrate this Merdeka, I took inspiration from that memory, and the timelessness of flowers. After all, they’re an integral part of our history and heritage, prominently featured in cultural and national ceremonies, and often used as inspiration for designs on carvings, weave patterns and outfits. Flowers have stood the test of time, much like our nation. The flowers imprinted on this scarf thrive well in our tropical climate and add beauty to our country, no matter which way the winds of change may blow.

Truly a testament that home is where the heart is, and where the flowers grow.

Selamat Hari Merdeka!



The Swarovski KL dUCk

I was having lunch when the phone rang – it was from the Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation asking dUCk to represent Malaysia with our signature KL dUCk. Could this be true? To be able to create the KL dUCk is already pure joy, but to now present it to over 100 of the most beautiful women from across the world in a world-class competition… now that’s just unreal.

I had to make it extra special and so I called my friends at Swarovski, and they were thrilled to support this new iconic dUCk. They came over to show me the choice of crystals and blinded my eyes – there’s just something about the sparkle and glitz that makes every girl swoon, and I want that feeling for all dUCkies too! I didn’t settle for a few crystals, I settled for TWO HUNDRED! That’s right, there are 200 Swarovski crystals in this ONE dUCk of yours, so I sure hope you handle it with love and care. Only the best for you!

Ah, Malaysia. No matter what our beliefs and practices, our multi-cultural country is one of wonder. We may not realize it at times, but we have the best of both worlds; both the sandy beach and the city skyscrapers, both the best fine-dining and mamak stalls, both traditional and international entertainment and more. So much diversity and life, all in one country. Proud is an understatement of how I feel that dUCk gets to put our capital city – Kuala Lumpur on our scarf. – D.