The Love dUCk

It’s bittersweet seeing my graduation photo on the wall; I was ready to grow up at that moment but didn’t know where to begin. Everyone around me looked so sure of their lives but I wasn't. I kept comparing myself with others, and thought I wasn't good enough. Those days were rough and months flew by before I realised I had stopped loving myself. It was when I started surrounding myself with positivity that I truly found self-love. Maybe it comes with age, who knows, but learning to love myself again has shown me the good side of life. It restored my confidence and allowed me to discover my dream – which brings me to you today!

The Love dUCk. I created this to celebrate the biggest love we can have – self-love. Everything good starts from loving ourselves and to celebrate that, tulips became my inspiration for this collection. Ever so delicate and bright, tulips stand on their own and are distinctly beautiful. No two tulips are the same, just like no two people are the same. So in this dUCk, I created tulips in their many forms; some in full bloom, some in buds, to show the uniqueness in us.

The flowers also fascinated me with their strength; when in the dark, tulips will strive and find their way to bend towards the light. When they get cut, tulips endure and will continue to grow for another inch. I want this same strength for each and every one of you. With The Love dUCk, I hope you’ll feel the strength within to honour yourself, to forgive yourself and most importantly, to love yourself.