The Doily dUCk

Selamat Hari Raya! Oh, doesn’t that just bring a flood of good vibes. It’s that time of the year where a plethora of traditional kuihs, cookies and irresistible food adorn our tables, and how can one forget the smell, oh the smell of curry and rendang stewing in the kitchen, and cookies and kuihs baking in the oven.

The joy is in the preparation (and the eating of course), but for me, the scent always reminds me of Grandma, and our time baking Raya goodies. See Grandma was a domestic goddess, she was simply amazing at creating colourful and delicious goodies and I was always eager to be her helper. She used to tell me that my (little) act of laying the doilies out for her kuihs and cookies were the ones that made her creations pretty. Bless her kind and warm soul, she’d make me feel like I was the artist of course, but really it was her. Still, as a little girl, that meant the world, and I will never forget how good that felt.

Today, Grandma is no longer with us, but I continue her legacy. During Hari Raya preparations, I tell my nieces and nephews the very same thing Grandma told me and it never fails to delight them. It gives them such pride in their work, and what results is a beautifully laid out Raya dessert feast. And that’s what inspired my Raya Limited Edition collection this year, the doilies, an intricate accessory to our Raya, quite taken for granted, but always serving its purpose to beautify. So when you adorn your new Doily Scarf this year, may it bring you the pride and joy I felt when I laid them out, and may it beautify your Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya,

I wish you a most joyous celebration.