The Blooming dUCk - Orchid

You may know it as the Blooming scarf, though to me, it will always be a collection that celebrates friendship. Can you believe that four years have already flown by when the petals of the Blooming Series brought Carey, Hannah and I together? It’s a memory that fills me with warm fuzzy feelings till this very day, hence why I've recreated the moment again in the latest rendition of The Blooming dUCk.

I dedicate the Orchids of The Blooming dUCk to the person who inspired it – Carey. As far as I can remember, orchids have always been her favourite. From the elegant pot in her living room to the gorgeous bloom in her office, she never fails to care for them no matter how busy she gets – just like she never fails to be there for everyone else.

It’s been a tough year for everyone; Careys' took a rapid turn for the worse with her mom’s passing and she was stuck in the city with the travel limitations, yet she never ceases to give her best to the world. I was concerned about her, wearing a smile and braving through thick and thin with others, but she told me, “The greatest way to cheer myself up is by cheering someone else up.” Hearing that, I realised how truly blessed I am to grow with her, and I’m so lucky to call her my best friend. Carey, if you’re reading this, know that you’ve made my life whole and I’ll always be here, walking beside you!

Each friend makes up a world in our lives and I hope The Blooming dUCk too represents a world in yours, marking the friendship you share with someone special and celebrates the bond you share.