The 2020 dUCk

Every year’s end, we look back at the things that highlight our time. Who would have expected that 2020 ultimately dialled things down to whipping coffee from home, rocking loungewear to do groceries, and how digitally-savvy everyone turned out to be! I for one am getting used to holding my phone constantly in my hand when I’m out. As I scan my entry at every single place I visit, the inspiration came to me for ways to track our history.

It’s hard to pick just one memory as I have lots of favourite moments with you this year. Also, I wanted our recap to be meaningful, thus my team and I decided to create the most digital scarf ever – The 2020 dUCk! No matter where you are, we can scan once more to access someplace that’ll forever bring us joy, fondness and love. I’m so excited; this will be something that only we share and I hope you’re ready to scan and find out what’s in store!

With the scarf, you can see all the treasured memories we’ve made, and it makes my heart warm to know how far we’ve come. You are our biggest motivation, the greatest drive for us to reach all these highs, so thank you. Scan away and we'll meet at our happy place!

Let’s have a great start to 2021, dUCkies!





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