ProdUCktive Collection

Mom excelled in school. She was top in her university, she worked hard and was climbing the career ladder when bam, my brother was born. Then my other brother, then me. Her life changed and she chose to stop working to ensure she was always there for us.

Now that I’m grown up, I constantly think about my future - will things change with my career as time goes by? Will I get less excited about my dreams? I asked Mom the other day, “If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?” She smiled and said, “Sometimes I do wonder where my life would be if I had pursued my dream of having a cake business - that was my dream a long time ago. I didn’t pursue that one, but I did make new dreams, new goals, and no matter what yours may be, I want you to pursue yours, D.”

And it hit me; women can and should chase their dreams, as much as she can. At dUCk, I’m always talking about dUCkies being prodUCktive - whatever you do, wherever you are, whether in the office or at home, give it your all. Be prodUCktive.

I used a ladder as an element in this collection to symbolise our dreams. That ladder will mean something different for all of us. It could mean dUCk for me, it could mean a corporate career for her and it could mean starting a family for you. What binds us, dUCkies, is that we can, and we will be prodUCktive in climbing that ladder towards our dreams. Keep climbing, dUCkies. Never let go. Because Mom told us so and moms know best!

Kisses, D.