The little dUCk goes round and round, and leaves a trail on the much-loved Pleats! Made from high-quality chiffon fabric, the signature dUCk loops introduce print to this textured scarf for the first time ever. For casual day or formal events, the iconic dUCk trail hit the spot in bringing fun and eye-catching accents to the fully-pleated scarf when draped.

Each dUCk comes beautifully wrapped in its own box - and whilst dUCk boxes are considered collectibles, its true quality comes from its sustainable nature. Made from 100% recycled materials and printed with soy-based ink, the dUCk box is completely recyclable and reusable. Even the protective tissue paper is eco-friendly. In our ongoing effort towards sustainability, the purple postbox at the dUCk store in Suria KLCC collects dUCk boxes for closed-loop recycling. It’s a sweet solution to reduce our carbon footprint and secure sustainably sourced materials to create more dUCk boxes.