Mother's Day

Oh, Mom. Where do I even begin? The one who sacrificed so much for my brothers and I, the one who always put us first, the one who made our days bright even hers wasn't. .

As I grow older, my respect for her grows even more. I cannot fathom how a mom does it all, but when I do have kids of my own one day, I hope I can be even half the superwoman that she is. Mother’s Day might be a man-created day but it sure does good in reminding us of that one queen in our lives. No matter where we go in life, we should never forget that without that one very special lady, we’d be nothing.

This dUCk was inspired by one of my own drawings, which I drew for Mom when I was 8. She says it’s more valuable than anything else she owns in the house. It may be kiddy, but hey, however old we are, we will always be our mom’s little girls. This is for all the moms out there! – D.