Marble Scarf Bag


Your favourite scarf bag just got a facelift! We’ve upped the ante with full marble prints for a superbly luxurious look. Able to fit 8 dUCk scarves comfortably, the bag comes with a mini dUCk pin pillow so you’ll never lose your pins again.
Crafted from high quality faux leather, this #duckscarfbag features a marble inspired print, embellished with dUCk’s signature gold hardware and monogram lining to keep all your scarves safe from your globe-trotting wear-and-tear during your #ducktravels. So pretty this one, you’ll be looking for every excuse to tote this one around.
  • Customized gold hardware
  • dUCk’s signature monogram lining
  • Comes with a mini dUCk pin pillow
  • High quality faux leather

  • Height: 24 cm
  • Length: 24 cm
  • Depth: 5 cm