Instant Meringue

The first of the Instant dUCks to feature two different materials - the Instant Meringue is all about comfort and convenience while still looking your best. The scarf is made with a conveniently attached inner that's been treated with Nanotechnology for anti-bacterial and anti-odour benefits, providing you with long-lasting comfortable wear. Adorned with dUCk’s signature silver dUCk charm, the stretchable and non-slip inner layer is adjustable for a perfect fit.

Every dUCk scarf is encased with care in its own hard box and a personalized thank you card from D, the Instant Meringue is perfect for the active girl on the go looking for swift and easy scarf styling.
  • Scarf: Meringue
  • Adjustable Ninja Inner: High-quality cotton Lycra embedded with anti-bacterial and odour control nanotechnology

  • SIZE
  • Folded Measurement: 168.91cm x 97.79cm
  • Adjustable Ninja Inner
  • Top length: 18.5cm
  • Front length: m