Hair Mist Aloe Vera


Be it covered or not, tied up or let down, your hair always deserves a good TLC. Which is why a nice ol’ hair mist is something that I always keep with me, especially on a hot day. With a subtle sweet scent to freshen up your gorgeous locks, keep your hair fresh and smelling good throughout the day with dUCk’s Mist Independent hair mist. When your hair looks good and smells good, you’ll feel good, too!
If your hair is dry, don’t cry! There’s nothing a little aloe vera can’t fix – with its awesome conditioning properties that can form a protective layer over your hair, your hair will go from dry to soft and silky in no time. It also helps to relieve scalp itchiness, so if you’re one to wear your scarf most of the day, this is something to keep your hair refreshed and head itch-free!