dUCk x Sereni & Shentel

When I was little, playing make-believe was one of the games my brothers and I would spend hours on. Whether monster-fighting or role-playing characters we had just seen on TV, there was one accessory that I would always have – my headband. I’d customise my headband to the different characters I’d play. They’ve seen the whole spectrum from a royal crown to monster heads. It was fun patching my headbands to anything I wanted, limited only by my imagination.

I found this same sense of fun and adventure in Sereni & Shentel. Together, we wanted to recreate the magic of feeling extraordinary and to flaunt your individuality through your scarf. The dUCk x Sereni & Shentel Collection introduces Blair and Ice Ice Baby to... your dUCk! Luxurious yet fun, both bejewelled scarves were made so you can ultimately do what you're best at; being your fabulous self.



Ice Ice Baby