dUCk x LAT

No one captures our Malaysian dreams and adventures quite like Datuk Lat, the icon who sketches the lively details of our nation’s quirks into a treasure trove of memories. In this exclusive collaboration, the Limited Edition dUCk x LAT collection will keep your most cherished recollections of home alive – as it did with mine!

Going abroad to further my studies was an exciting phase in my life as I discovered the world. But it was also filled with many homesick moments when I would miss home dearly…family, food, friends, everything! In those times, I sought comfort in things from home and I remember vividly how I’d have a silly grin plastered on my face whenever I read LAT comics. Datuk Lat didn’t just make art - he made bridges too by effortlessly connecting Malaysians to their roots, wherever they were. The stories of us growing up, playing traditional games, eating local treats and having family meals are the things are all things he immortalised - there's always a piece of us in his cartoons.

As an art lover myself, Datuk Lat is an icon, a legend, and I was absolutely starstruck to meet and collaborate with the man himself – featuring his signature art in various dUCks, for you to bring a piece of home with you everywhere you go. The dUCk x LAT collection will forever have a place in my heart and I hope it’ll be the same for you too, as they say, home is where the heart is!




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