dUCk Birthday Collection

Six incredible years! Sometimes, I can’t believe that I get to live this dream with you. I remember doing a happy dance after signing off my first post for dUCk, with a heart full of hope. Little did I know that wonderful start would lead me to you.

Opening stores together with you, celebrating cool collaborations with you (Barbie, Disney, Warner Bros, The Crown Princess of Brunei…can you believe all these?!), discovering new innovations with you - all my ups and downs are with you, and I couldn’t be more grateful. You have always been my inspiration to keep going!

For dUCk’s sixth birthday, I created a special birthday set of six things. This monogram is a special one that I find so classy and timeless, just like you! The repetition of it on the scarf symbolises how the dUCk community has grown and multiplied. It is my hope that this Birthday Collection reminds you of all our memories together. So even if we aren’t able to have a party this year, this special day will always remain a celebration in our hearts.

Happy sixth birthday to us, dUCkies. To many more years together!





Tote Bag



Collapsible Cup