Disney x dUCk

Meeska Mouska Mickeyyyyy Mouse! Oh, you have no idea how many times I’ve used that phrase as a kid. It all started with a click of a channel on TV - The Disney Channel, and the rest was history. The mouse that captured hearts around the world, landing him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The number of stickers, notebooks, posters and pencils of Mickey Mouse & Friends that I had - oh, boy! Let’s not even get me started on the first time I stepped foot in Disneyland with my brothers.

For the design, I knew we had to go back to the basics and foundation from whence Disney and dUCk was built – hand drawn illustrations. After all, Disney had a lot to do with developing that love of mine. When I discovered how the first Mickey Mouse animations were created, I was in such awe; technology makes it easier now, but back then, they relied only on hand drawn illustrations. For our Disney x dUCk creation, I infused the iconic Mickey silhouette along with quirky pencils as tribute to how the art of illustration started, and of course dUCk’s signature - geometrics.

Twenty years on, I’m still a Disney nerd who squealed in delight at the Disney office. I tried to keep my cool during the discussion of a possible collaboration between Disney and dUCk, but if I was an animated character, my eyeballs would have morphed into huge red beating hearts. I simply could not believe it, and was lost in the magic of the moment. I agreed in a heartbeat, and got to work immediately!

I hope you will unleash your inner child by wearing this dUCk. Adventurous, cheerful, loveable yet flawed - there’s certainly a Mickey Mouse in all of us, dUCkies.

Kisses, D.