Disney x dUCk - Mulan

I would be crazy rich today if I get a penny every time someone said I can’t do something because it’s “for boys”. I meant, if my two brothers can do it, there’s no reason for me to just be a spectator, isn’t it? That’s exactly when I would embolden myself by imagining that I was an expert in the art of combat fighting to knock all the stereotypes down; my first heroine, Disney’s Hua Mulan, was the catalyst for my inner warrior.

She reminded me that there’s no mountain that we cannot scale if we believe in our abilities and surely, to celebrate Mulan’s return to our screens, the special Disney x dUCk Mulan collection came into life. The collection is adorned with ornate designs, delicate decorations reflecting Mulan’s bold style and graceful gestures. Also, the defining moment was when Mulan trimmed her hair so I made sure to include the flower on the intricate comb she wore as it symbolises her strong family ties and stands as an iconic piece of Disney style. Chinese motifs are also present, framing the flowers just as the nuances of Chinese culture are intertwined with Mulan's story.

It is my wish that this scarf serves as an emblem of bravery for you, and that you’ll wear it proudly on days where you need to channel a little bit of Mulan’s fiery spirit. Let’s charge forward together dUCkies, and shatter those glass ceilings because we can!