Disney x dUCk Minnie Mouse Collection

You already know about my love for everything Disney; from the TV shows and stationeries I collected, to my first trip to Disneyland and spotting Hidden Mickeys at every opportunity. Looking back, everything truly came to pass to this very moment, finally a moment for me and the iconic Disney gal - Minnie Mouse!

There’s no doubt that any fashion speckled with white polka dots or cute bows will inevitably remind you of Minnie’s iconic style and charming personality. Minnie is a certified fashion icon who has inspired millions across the globe (including me of course), and as a huge fan, I jumped at this opportunity to pay tribute to everything Minnie represents in this Disney x dUCk collaboration – iconic, bold, fashionable and fun.

The design I created is a kaleidoscope of Minnie’s silhouette, distinguishable from her iconic bow, and you’ll see Minnie’s reach in all directions as a sign of her everlasting global influence. Inspired by Minnie’s classic appeal, I modelled Minnie in dUCk’s signature monogram style along the scarf borders for a dashing touch.

She’s the girlfriend we all want by our side; always smiles and brimming with positivity, spreading joy wherever she goes. From her fun-loving and friendly persona to her bold confidence, Minnie inspires us to celebrate happiness and self-expression while exploring a world of opportunities. May Minnie’s magic live on in you through this collection!





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