Disney x dUCk

If life with two brothers has taught me anything, it’s that I’ve always wanted a sister. My brothers are always there for me, but with a sister, you’ve got an inbuilt bestie for life to trade clothes with, go on shopping sprees, and have endless gossip sessions.

When Disney’s Frozen (2013) hit cinemas, I was enthralled not only by the stellar animation (that magic Disney touch!), but also by the portrayal of Elsa and Anna’s sisterhood. It goes to show that as different as you are, nothing comes between sisters.

I decided to create not just one, but two scarves for our Disney collaboration with Frozen 2. The Disney x dUCk - Frozen collection reflects the icy landscapes of Arrendelle as well as the rich colours of the characters’ clothing, whilst the Disney x dUCk - Frozen Swarovski is a gorgeous Swarovski encrusted collection, both of which were created for you to embark on your journey of self-discovery. Playful yet classy, it is the perfect reflection of dUCk’s aesthetic and Disney’s timeless charm.



Frozen Swarovski Shawl

Frozen Swarovski Square

Frozen Shawl

Frozen Square