The Anniversary Edition

Four years have passed since the first time I told you my Louvre story. I thought a lot would change or the significance would fade, but no, it still holds dear to my heart to this day. The memories of my dad holding my hand to witness it for the first time, I will never forget how both of us gasped at its architectural beauty.

It’s his birthday this month and I wanted to revisit this meaningful dUCk in honour of him. My dad isn’t a man of many words, but he has the biggest heart in the world. My hero, my first love, my protector; my dad opened my eyes to the world, to discover, to learn - and that’s a value I realise is inherent in me that I keep bringing to dUCk via #ducktravels.

That’s why the Blurred Lines dUCk is so special. Not only is it our first ever Limited Edition collection, it’s also the core value of learning and exploring that I want all dUCkies to have too. So I decided to bring it back, better and improved.

It’s more than just a piece of scarf. It’s a reminder for me to keep learning and exploring the world, and now it’s yours too.



dUCk in the City

I've always been a city girl at heart, and I've been blessed with the privilege to travel the world. While all the cities I've visited have enchanted me in their own special ways, only few have managed to actually steal my heart.

The dUCk In The City Series goes back to my favourite hashtag - #ducktravels, and it features some pretty amazing skylines of those very cities; the ones that inspire me and mean a whole lot to me. The first in my dUCk in the City series is none other than my home, my sanctuary, Kuala Lumpur. I travel the world, yet there's only this place in my heart truly belongs to -- Kuala Lumpur; the city of hope, the city of people, the city of harmony. This was where it all began for dUCk, and that is why The Kuala Lumpur Scarf will always be my favourite dUCk. For the second release, I chose the one and only Singapore! It really wasn't difficult decision to make, as I frequent the country and there is just something so familiar and safe each time I visit. The sense of serenity this country gives me and the warmth of the people here will always give me a fond memory of Singapore in my heart - it is my home away from home.

4 more cities yet to be revealed - can you guess which city it'll be? - D