Blooming Series

This collection is one that is very special and dear to me. Inspired by my two best friends, Hannah and Carey, the flowers from the Blooming Series represent us three.

The beautiful Peony is for Hannah, for it will always remind me of the beautiful blooms she picked out for me the first time we met at her shop. The Orchid, I dedicated to Carey because of the ever-present pot of orchids on her work desk, which she never fails to water no matter how busy she gets. And as for the Rose, well, this one’s for me. I will always have a soft spot for Roses because they were the first flowers Z ever gave to me.

Together, these three flowers represent our friendship, but this Blooming Series was created to also remind us to always appreciate those who really matter to us and make time for them. I hope you too have your own Hannah and Carey to dedicate these Blooming scarves to. – D.

The Blooming dUCk

The Blooming dUCk - Orchid