About dUCk

A lifestyle brand for the modern city girl, dUCk is the new cool for lifestyle fashion accessory wear and living, offering scarf collections, stationeries and home & living products in exciting graphic prints and living colours.

Founded by popular blogger cum entrepreneur Vivy Yusof, dUCk launched in May 2014, and was born out of the love for well-branded scarves, aiming to convey the message that wearing scarves should be a celebrated act among women. The dUCk brand which revolves around a character named D, rose quickly in its popularity across the world, and has since expanded to become The dUCk Group.

The dUCk Group today comprises of 5 main product lines – Scarves, Cosmetics, Stationeries, Bags, and Home & Living.

Playful, yet classy. Stylish, yet friendly. Urban chic and cool. These characteristics have become hallmarks of the brand that follows the story of its brand ambassador, D. Follow the thrill and excitement of her life and adventures through her mix of illustrated stories and creative photography @theduckgroup.