Barbie x dUCk

Hands up if you grew up hoping you’d one day own a pink dreamhouse, pink car, and a closetful of pink everything. That was me, because if there’s anyone who taught me about that pink-tinted glam life, it’s Barbie! Walking a mile in Barbie’s stilettos was the ultimate dream for me as a child, and as the only girl in the family my brothers could never understand it, but that never stopped me. All I wanted for every birthday as a child was a brand new Barbie, that’s how obsessed I was! My collection is still intact, on display for anyone who visits my home.

Barbie was and still is a total inspiration, and that’s why I am thrilled to celebrate this icon on her 60th birthday with an exclusive limited-edition collection. She is a symbol of eternal youth, and that’s why I wanted this collection to reflect playful vibes. The printed scarves in this collection feature harmonious pops of vibrant colours, and of course, Barbie’s well-known silhouette appearing on the print donning her signature high ponytail.

In addition to my usual shawls and squares, I’ve also made twillies, bags AND cosmetics for this special collaboration. While designing these, I felt so empowered by Barbie and her can-do attitude. It made me think about all the stereotypes women go through, so with this collection, I wanted to show the world that women are more than just doll faces. We can be beautiful on the outside and the inside, and run the world at the same time! Girl power, that's what Barbie is to me.

Time for you to get dolled up with Barbie and dUCk!







Makeup Collection